New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls of Intention
New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls of Intention

New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls of Intention

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If you are tired of using chemically coated dryer sheets it is time to try out dryer balls. They are an amazing alternative to standard dryer sheets. They are an all-natural way to eliminate static electricity while softening your clothing.

Wool dryer balls help separate the layers of clothing as they bounce around in your dryer. This prevents clothing from sticking together and allows warm air to move quickly between the wet layers.

Since the ball is made of wool, they will also help to absorb some of the moisture which also helps the drying process.

One of the best side benefits of dryer balls is the money-saving factor. Plus, they help your clothing dry quicker.

Using wool dryer balls is simple as opening the package and throwing them into your dryer with a new load of laundry. We recommend using all 4 dryer balls.

Since dryer balls reduce drying time it is important to monitor your first couple of loads to ensure you don’t over-dry clothing. Over-drying can cause clothing to wear out faster.

If your dryer doesn’t auto-sense the dampness level, make sure you pull out your laundry before it gets too dry.



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