About Us

The Shop

Of Intention is a Massachusetts-based intentional and sustainable-living boutique and lifestyle brand. A curated list of eco-friendly and fair-trade products with a flair of minimalist design and inspiration will make your intentional shopping decisions easy. We are dedicated to giving back to the environment and the community. We also seek to inspire you to discover your intention—your why behind your actions—and to make changes that align better with what you want out of life.

We make it our mission to help connect you to beautiful, lower impact items. Everyday we are overwhelmed with single use plastics, poisonous chemicals, and unethically sourced household items. A lot of these items are difficult to avoid and eliminating impact completely is near impossible. Luckily there are many creative entrepreneurs, manufacturers, artists and designers out there that share our mission. New solutions are popping up every day and we can’t wait to find them and make them available to you.

Each product purchased with us plants one tree with our partners Ecologi.com. Learn more about our impact here.


Our Values

Eco Friendly

We think about the environmental impact of every product we carry. We look for products that utilize sustainable, non-toxic materials and are produced without the destruction of natural resources. We are focused on providing products that help eliminate trash and promote a harmonious relationship with our environment. 


Low Waste

We prioritize products that use natural materials and we evaluate the impact of a product from production to disposal. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible and choose products that can be safely recycled or composted. We are fully committed to being part of eliminating single-use plastic waste and are working hard with our vendors to use eco-friendly packaging, but that is a work in progress and you will still see some plastic in your shipments. All we can do is keep trying to be better.


Fair Trade

Fair Trade standards provide a framework for sustainable, socially responsible, and ethical financial practices that work to improve lives and protect the environment. We are fully committed to sustainable economic development. 


The Founder

Hello! I'm Amanda and I’m a mama on my own journey of intention. I come from an art and design background and love everything found in the home that’s practical, stylish and eco-friendly! This includes decor, kitchen accessories, bath and beauty products, clothing, and of course things for the kiddos. It's been tricky to find eco-friendly products that match my lifestyle and aesthetic—so I was inspired to create a shop that would combine my love for style and support my commitment to protect the environment, reduce waste, and strive for sustainability. I hope that my shop inspires you and provides ideas for you to live your life in style without compromising your respect for our planet and all that live on it. My why is my children (two little boys!). I want them to have a planet to enjoy in their future, with their children. I hope that this shop will inspire you to live a life of intention.