Little Helper Wooden Knife for Kids

Little Helper Wooden Knife for Kids

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Do you have a toddler who is always trying to help you make dinner? Or are you looking for a safe and effective way to get your toddler (or older kid!) involved in the kitchen?

Get the Little Helper Wooden Knife to help your little chef become more independent in the kitchen. Your child is going to absolutely love this kids kitchen knife, and so are you, as it is a very safe option for kitchen knives for kids.

CHILD SAFE KNIFE - We are all about safety and our wood knife demonstrates that by providing toddlers with a kid safe knife that has all rounded corners and still gets the job done by allowing them to cut a variety of different foods.

MONTESSORI - We are all about encouraging young children to explore and discover different interests and activities that they enjoy. Our wooden knife helps to do this by giving them a little freedom to use when in the kitchen. Our Montessori kitchen tools for toddlers give your child an opportunity to grow and learn and lets them experience real cooking.

EASY TO GRASP - Our kids knife features an ergonomically designed handle which is easy to grasp and cut with, making it a must have kitchen kids knife. Our kids cutting knife makes it simple to chop a variety of different foods and is a quality addition to your kids cooking tools.


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